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The Perfect Age To Gamble Does It Exist

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Games of fortune and chance have been around for a long time Since most of such games are associated with financial manipulations all modern countries have certain legislation governing gambling Globally gambling deals with gaming betting or taking chances in the lottery To regulate the industry there are corresponding institutions that provide licenses for gambling activities information about which you can find in various casino news Thus any licensed casino may ensure the safety and security of people who gamble What is the legal age of gambling Along with all the rules and limitations the gambler rsquo s age is one of the most important issues in each gambling industry jurisdiction Let rsquo s first of all specify that the gambling age means from what age a gambler is allowed to start playing according to the laws of the country where he/she is going to gamble Each country has its limitations as to the minimum age to gamble In some of them there are even different gambling categories that require a specific age limit And of course there are places where gambling is prohibited by the jurisdictions so whatever your age is you can rsquo t gamble at all Some cases in the world practice provide the age limit differences for land based and online casinos within the same jurisdiction And while in the case of land based casinos the laws are more or less clear and straightforward in online institutions the norms and procedures are more blurred and require utmost consideration How does the age of gambling differ from country to country The difference in the age to gamble depends not only on the jurisdiction but also on cultural assumptions If we want to calculate an arithmetic mean of gambling age around the world then we can safely round it up to the age of eighteen This means that it is restricted to gamble in the licensed institutions if you rsquo re younger However each jurisdiction provides specific rules for gambling and age limitations which everyone should pay attention to before starting any gambling activities It is also worth noting that some jurisdictions have different age restrictions for natives and the guests of the country For ex le in Portugal the gambling age for natives is 25 years old but if you travel from Germany to Portugal being 18 years old is enough to gamble Generally in the European countries with legal gambling the average minimum age to gamble starts from 18 years old However there are places where the gambling age must be at least 21 years old like in Belgium Ireland and Germany

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