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Uk s Government Needs Public Opinion On Loot Boxes

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Popular news about gambling is usually full of various controversial topics for discussion and loot boxes are one of them The government of Great Britain also sees a threat in this video games rsquo feature as it may be a new form of gambling That is why it has decided to ask for an opinion of gamers to understand whether loot boxes can really carry risks Players can express their opinion during the consultation period The Department for Digital Culture Media and Sport has launched the consultation period which will last 8 weeks Till November 22 gamers parents of under age players as well as game development companies representatives will be able to say what they think about loot boxes It is worth mentioning that Great Britain isn rsquo t the first country that is concerned about this gaming feature Earlier Belgium decided to prohibit loot boxes based on real money This option may seem not so dangerous in terms of gambling addiction however the desire to find out what is inside the box sparks players rsquo interest immensely and it can also influence their perception of the game According to the recent polls even adult gamers can rsquo t resist the temptation to buy one more loot box and see what is inside much less children who often play video games Read more Useful tips on how to help with gambling addiction Read more The best anime about gambling

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